The Literature Service Group of the ACA/DF Intergroup of Aotearoa New Zealand imports ACA/DF books so that they can be purchased for a reasonable price by ACA/DF members here.

We currently sell:

  • The Fellowship Text (The Big Red Book)
  • The Steps Workbook (The Yellow Book)
  • The Laundry Lists Workbook
  • Strengthening My Recovery (Daily Meditations)
  • The Loving Parent Guidebook

Email books.acanz at if you want to purchase any of the books above.

Free trifolds/DLE leaflets can be downloaded from the ACA/DF global WSO website.

The ACA/DF global WSO shop sells medallions, leaflets and books (including digital editions of books eg, kindle) and you can also make a 7th tradition donation there.

You can also sign up for the WSO’s free newsletter and daily meditation which will be sent to you by email.