Info for Existing Meetings

About the Intergroup

As part of the Oceania & Antarctica Region of ACA/DF globally, the Intergroup of Aotearoa New Zealand sits within the support structure for ACA/DF meetings which is overseen by the World Service Office (WSO). We are a registered intergroup with the WSO and support ACA/DF meetings registered with the WSO.

The Intergroup is made up of and run by its Service Groups in order to be as non-hierarchical as possible. Each Service Group appoints a Service Group Co-ordinator who provides reports on its activities and attends Intergroup meeting. Service Groups welcome new volunteers and you can contact them via our general enquires email address on the contacts page.

  • The Admin Service Group organises Intergroup meetings and deals with general email enquiries. If you have a question about running your meeting or want access to resources to support meetings, you can contact the Admin Service Group via the general enquiries email address on the contacts page of this website.
  • The Website and Online Service group manages this site and other online resources such as our Zoom account and email accounts.
  • The Literature Service Group imports and sells literature and medallions to ACA/DF members in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • The Finance Service Group maintains the Intergroup’s bank account and finances and supports other Service Groups with their financial needs.

Register your meeting

If you would like to register your meeting with the WSO and be supported by the Intergroup, please sign up here. If you need to change your meeting listing with the WSO you can do so here.

Intergroup Reps (IRs)

Every ACA/DF meeting registered with the ACA/DF WSO can send an Intergroup Rep (IR) to Intergroup meetings and also to the Annual Business Conference of the global ACA/DF fellowship. Let the Admin Service Group know via the general enquiries email address on the contacts page of this website who your IR is so that we can keep your meeting informed over events nationally, regionally and globally and invite them to Intergroup meetings.