Adult Children of Alcoholics “is a spiritual program based on action coming from love.” We believe that the disease of family dysfunction is a spiritual dilemma rather than a moral deficiency to be solved by proper living.

In ACA, we recover in body, mind, and spirit. Through the principles of the program, our bodies are renewed, our minds become clear, and our spirit connects with the God of our Understanding for an inner awakening.

ACA is not aligned with any sect or denomination, but we stress spiritual awareness as part of our daily lives. Through the Twelve Steps, each of us finds a spiritual life that works. However, no one is required to prove his faith or to demonstrate dedication to a spiritual life. We humbly live our spirituality without a grand demonstration. Many of us believe that our actual parent is a Higher Power, who is patient and loving.

In ACA, we take a spiritual and not religious approach to healing the effects of being raised in a dysfunctional home.

ACA has no opinion on outside issues including religions and belief systems. ACA’s primary purpose is to carry the message of hope and recovery to adult children of alcoholic and dysfunctional families.

Adult Children of Alcoholics believes that recovery from the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional home requires spiritual intervention; however we do not propose to be the authority on what works best for each individual.

In ACA, we honor the sovereign right of every member to believe or not believe as he or she wishes. The atheist and agnostic are welcome in ACA as well. At the same time, ACA makes no apology in stating that spirituality must be sought to fully recover from effects of the disease of family dysfunction.

For guidance, we attend meetings and talk with our sponsor or a spiritual advisor as we determine the nature of our Higher Power. This is the paradox of independence for some of us. Our spiritual freedom can seem daunting and liberating at the same time. We keep it simple. There are no more big deals. Most of us choose a Higher Power who is loving and caring, but there are no set guidelines on spirituality.

Exceprts from the Big Red Book, pg’s 75 – 80.