ACA Fellowship Text, Hard Cover edition, was written by anonymous ACA members providing guidance on working the 12 Step ACA program leading to recovery from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family. The book is now often referred to as the “Big Red Book” , or “BRB”.

This book is available as a hard cover, soft cover, or e-book.

An index for this book can be found here

Special Note for e-BRB users:

If you have an e-BRB, you may be able to find the BRB page number by entering the page number into the search window. If the page number appears in the ACA Index at the back of the BRB, it will display the page in the index where the number appears. You can then click on the page number in the index and it will take you to that page. If the page number is not in the ACA index, you may search for another page number close by. You can always search using a 2 or 3 unique words from the page you are looking for.

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